Alone In A Crowded Room: A Poem

Hi there! I went to a creative writing workshop today and the theme was “being alone”, and this is what I came up with from that. I hope you enjoy, and as always I really appreciate feedback on my work, whether you liked it or not – all comments are useful! Thanks.


Why do you persist, in my head,


Blurring the faces of a crowd into

An impenetrable mask, bars before my eyes,

Reducing me to an echo

In a room where everyone else is a voice;

You sew my lips shut, force my fingers up,

Confirming the barrier before me, my instinct,

To throw up a shield between


And Them;

Until at last the pressure of their laughter

On the walls of my glass box

Creates a spiderweb of cracks in this fragile facade, and I

Make my excuses with a smile

Crafted from “I’m fine”,

An illusion I have practiced many a time,

And I retreat to a more solid kind of cage,

Seeking solace from solitude

In being alone.

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