Cleanse: A Poem


Let me breathe the free air once more;

Let me feel the wind in my hair and the

Earth between my toes, heather

Under the soles of my feet, let me run

On the moors and across the sands and through the waves

And taste the salt and the sun, and let

The days flow


So that I touch every second, let me be

Warmed by the sunshine, cooled by the breeze

That beckons from the hilltops

To the sea,

Let me be

Cleansed by the earth, the sun, the air and the rain,

Until I can feel

Like myself again.

2 thoughts on “Cleanse: A Poem

  1. This is a beautiful poem, Story Girl. I like to do the same thing by the ocean. It helps me feel at home in the world and in myself.

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