Disappear: A Poem

Hi there! I hope you enjoy this poem that I wrote this evening. Please comment with any feedback you might have, as I’m always looking to improve my writing. Thanks!

What would you miss

Of me, were I

To disappear, to fade away

Into the sea, the sky, would the lack

Of me cast shadows in your eyes as I

Become the backdrop of another life,

Rising on the wind I fly

And see the world spread out below my feet,

Catch a glimpse

Of something sweet, two lovers stand,

Hand in hand, sand

Between their toes and salt

On their meeting lips, encrusted in their hair,

Salt crystals like jewels;

They are regal rulers of their own fate,

Just for this moment,

Until the tide of time sweeps them off

Their feet again;

In my contemplation of the world

I see a thousand vows made and broken and abolished,

Carved into broken stone, a hundred thousand

Promises without sincerity or intention,

A million smiles masking the truthfulness of despair;

Time is short and fleeting,

Unable to be caught, and many

Try to run with it and do not see

Until it is too late, the ones they left behind,

So I ask, what will you miss of me

When I fade away?

My false smile

Or my salt stained eyes,

Or the promises I made behind empty lies,

Or the lingering memory

Of your hand in mine?

For I am simply

Fading away.

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