Lost Self: A Poem

Hi there! I hope you enjoy this poem I wrote this evening. Please leave any feedback you might have down in the comments below. Thanks!

There were two of them, and they told me

All the ways that one should be, all

The things to say or do, the songs

I should have listened to,

And none of those things were like to me;

So they tried to change who I might be,

They tried to take the things I was

And wash the writings of my walls,

And make me something more ok,

How to act and what to say,

And when they found it wouldn’t work,

That they just couldn’t iron out every quirk, they

Quickly found that there couldn’t be

A place among themselves for me;

So shivering in the cold alone,

Knocked back down when I should have grown,

Naked for the want of self, I tried

To resurrect my former pride

But I could not find what I had lost,

That which had been on the scrapheap tossed;

And soon it began to tire me

To work out who I used to be;

And slowly, surely, I forgot;

What was me and what was not.



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