Climbing: A Poem

Hi there! I spent this weekend on a climbing trip in Snowdonia having a fantastic time. Here is a poem inspired by my experience which I hope you enjoy. Please leave any feedback you might have in the comments below. Thanks!


Rough stone, under my fingertips,

Recall back to me the days gone by

In happiness, under the sun,

The rain, the wind, all forces of nature

Have thus eroded the darkness of my spirit;

Cool rock, bear up my weight and the weight

Of all my woes, such heaviness I bear is but to you

A breath of air; and as the sun shines on my cheeks,

And the wind whips through my hair,

I breathe out such thoughts as these and in

A calm that comes from a lack of care

Of troublesome things, and simply live;

Smooth slate which now I climb,

As I lift me, you lift up my mind.

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