Hands: A Poem

Hi there! I hope you enjoy this poem I wrote this evening. As always, I would love feedback on my work, so if you have a minute then leave a comment down below with your thoughts! Also check out my twitter for updates on my writing life and all the joys of university essay writing…



Tell me

The history that lies in the palms of your hands;

Tell me

The story behind every scratch and graze,

Every callous and tear, let me know

How your hands have made the world

Come to life before you;

Show me,

How they have moved mountains, the strength

In your knuckles;

Show me

The most delicate movements of your fingertips,

Lightly brushing ivory keys, or molding art

Out of nothing, creating


Tell me

Yourself, in your hands, that I might

Take one step closer towards

Knowing you.


For your palms are ancient, and carry

The weight of your world,

Your hands

Are soft and strong, lined and smooth,

Delicate, and harsh;

And in the lines engraved upon them I would read

Your truth,

If you would let me.

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