Frost: A Poem

Hi there! I’m back at home for the weekend and reminded of a very nostalgic image from this time of year, when the dew on the cobwebs on the balcony freezes – I just think it’s beautiful, so I wrote a poem about it to share it with you! I hope you enjoy it, and if you have a moment, please leave a comment with your thoughts.

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Crystal-coated spider’s webs hang lightly in the morning fog,

Frozen dewdrops glistening in the faded, filtered sunlight

That sifts down through the mist, touching, feather-light, the crisp grass

And iron-clad paving stones. The lace webs adorn the railings of the balcony,

Like Christmas decorations, like lazy snowflakes, like a torn veil,

And they mark the boundary between home,

And the beyond.

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