Night Sprites: A Poem

Hi there! I hope you enjoy this poem that I wrote this evening. If you do, please give it a like, and whatever your thoughts, leave them in a comment down below – I always love receiving feedback, good or bad. Also feel free to share it with others using the buttons and the bottom of the page. Thanks!


Soft stars sink their feather-lightness on the world,

From countless points of dewy candlelight

Amidst the dark canvas of the sky;

This hazy glow illuminates the world, and blurs

The boundaries; edges and corners become

Ever more round and indistinct, and we emerge;

The creatures of the night; the stardust and the moonshine

Creatures, who spread their tiny wings and rise like snowflakes

In the darkening air;

Pinpricks in the dark, malicious flames,

Hoarders of dreams and messengers of spite,

We cry out like wolves – and so,

Was that really the wind that sent its shivers down your spine?

We scatter dust

In your eyes and prick their drying surface,

Siphoning the dews of sleep and escaping through the cracked walls of moonlight;

We dance on the ears of the unfortunate until they cry out at this,

Their unseen plague, this unseen malice;

We fade into the night.

Toss and turn on your soft pillows, and do not let

The moonlight touch your face, for we,

Singing ever of decay, shall travel through its whiteness

And steal away every thought you ever had of sleep

And leave you dreamless

And alone.

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