Smile: A Poem

Hi there! It’s been quite a while since I posted, for a couple of reasons. I got quite tired and stressed towards the end of term, then didn’t have much time over Christmas, and then I was climbing mountains in Scotland for a week over New Year – I got back yesterday! It was a pretty awesome trip. I’m going to try to post as close to daily as possible from now on, but we’ll see how it goes.

This latest piece, well, I think it’s a bit cheesy – I need to get back into the flow of writing before I can produce some stuff I’m happier with! If you enjoy it, please give it a like, and I’m always looking for feedback, so drop me a comment down below with your thoughts if you have a moment. Thanks, and enjoy!

Hold me tight and don’t let go;

The world is a dark and dangerous place, made safer by

The touch of your embrace, the light of your smile

And the warmth of your arms around my chest,

Keeping my aching ribs together and putting my pounding heart

At rest; and so the ice that we skate on together

Becomes as solid as the mountains beneath my feet,

The storms that I have to weather diminish as I

Am made to feel ever closer to complete, and I

Would kindly return the favour, only I do not know

How I could ever make someone feel the same

As the warmth of your smile’s glow.

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