Lycanthrope: A Poem

Hi there! I hope you enjoy this supernaturally-themed poem that I wrote this evening. If you did, give it a like, and follow my blog for more writing! I mainly write poetry and I try to publish something everyday, although I don’t always manage. Please if you have a moment, consider giving me a comment with your thoughts. I really want to make my writing the best it can be, so feedback, especially on bits you didn’t like, would be great! Thanks, and I hope you enjoy.human-1219543_1280.jpg

What are you? Torn in two,

Two forms that share a splitting soul, a tear between two halves

That never can be quite made whole;

An anguished howl, out into the darkness and the void, your questions

Tear your throat as your body

Tears itself apart. Unanswered,

You seek solace in the false comfort of the night, and your cries

Send shivers running up and down the very human spines

Of all unfortunate enough to share

In that moment of your inhuman pain, you

Are never quite the same as you were before that moon-basked night

When another of your kind found he had no remorse for the innocent, and you, now,

The lone wolf, must learn to live

In halves, in a world that was made for wholes.

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