Painted Sky: A Poem

Hi there! I hope you enjoy this poem that I wrote on the train this afternoon, then edited this evening. If you do, give it a like and follow my blog for more little bits of creative writing, mainly poetry. If you have time, leave me a comment with your thoughts, as I really enjoy getting feedback on my work. Thanks!


I gaze up at this painted sky, this

Flattened sphere that lids the place I once called home,

An artist’s illusion of scudding clouds dividing me

From the universe above;

From a belonging amongst the stars in the ever-expanding inky silk,

Creased and folded with twisted galaxies that lie just beyond

The reach of my hand, the touch of my eye,

There is something out beyond what I perceive

That is denied indefinitely, caged bird

That knows not that its song

Welcomes the dawn.

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