Asking The Moon: A Poem

Hi there! I hope you enjoy this poem I wrote this evening. If you do, please give it a like and a share, and if you have any thoughts then leave them in a comment down below, as I would love to hear them! Thanks


If I ask the moon

Will he answer my questions? Grey-faced orb,

Inconsistent sphere, hung

Like a bauble in the sky, the open eye

Of a deity watching our mistakes;

Fading with the seasons and ever-sharing a reflected light,

Softly bright, pale and indistinct;

Cast light on these shadows, and render the world

A less-constructed place;

Gaze on the water and send your answers

In a beam of moonlight on the sea,

Let me be

Ethereal in the moonlight, and under the gaze

Of one who knows what it is

To see.

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