If I could: A Poem

Hi there! Exams and essays are over, term has re-started and hopefully so too has my daily writing. This is a short little poem that I wrote this evening, I hope you enjoy it, and if you do, please give it a like, share it with your friends, and please – I would love some feedback on my work – so please leave a comment down below with any thoughts you might have, be them good or bad – I have a thick skin! And with no further ado, please enjoy this poem: ‘If I Could’.


If I could,

I would freeze time into a moment, make every heart-beat

Stretch, let an intensity hold;

If I could,

I would light a fire in these tears, burning up the salt,

Reduce to ashes all that has been, is now, the past;

If I could,

I would dislocate the stars from the sky

And scatter them like dewdrops, let the light illuminate a hollow breath;

I would place this light in your eyes and let its warmth

Keep you safe from any shadows;

If I could,

I would tear the salt from the seas and banish all these demons with it;

I would pull down the moonlight and cast it as a blanket over you,

And tuck your fears away in the darknesses of the night;

If I could,

I would.

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