Doughnut Crumbs Have No Concept of Stress: A Poem

Hi there! Today in my creative writing workshop we were focusing on titles, so I decided to go a little more out there this time… Searching for images of doughnuts was both the best and worst part of writing this piece, just so you know.

I hope you enjoy this poem more than I’m currently enjoying my essay stress!

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The little doughnut crumb on my desk doesn’t care what time it is.

He does not know what deadlines are, how

3am looks different to mid-afternoon, he just sits,

And one day, will be brushed away into the trash, and he could not care less.

Sometimes I feel I am being brushed

Into the trash; I care a lot.

Doughnuts are a good friend; they do not judge me

For eating doughnuts at 3am.

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