The Perils Of A Daydreaming Writer: A Poem

It has been FAR too long since I wrote on here, but I’m trying to bring it back. Summer job hunting, essays, on-going exam revision, you know how it gets, but I want to be a writer so I better do some, y’know, writing…

Here’s a poem for you from this morning. My creative brain is a little rusty so might not be one of my best,  but it’s here and it’s written so we’re going with it.

I hope you enjoy.


What flights of fancy thus arrest my watchful mind?

I think I see myself, adorned in the grandeur

Of all my waking dreams, atop the very pillar of my success…

Hold up.

Why is it that my mind, my beaten-up brain box,

My old grey cells, this useless lump inside a head

Whacked too many times against the metaphorical wall,

Can drift for days in a dream of success, of publication,

Of writing, and yet…

And yet,

It will.






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