Running Away To The Hills: A Poem

Hey there! I have some awesome news, which is that I’ve finally started to be a bit more serious about my goal of writing a novel! I’ve set myself the target of writing 1000 words a day over the summer, and I’ve kept to it for the first two, so fingers crossed for the rest! Have any of you written a novel? What advice do you have for me? Leave any tips down in the comments below, they would be much appreciated!

I’m not going to let my blog suffer as a result of my new-found inclination for novel writing, however, and I still aim to post everyday. This evening, please enjoy this poem about mountains. I have a little bit of an obsession with the hills, and if you do too, check out my the rest of my blog as I have quite a few posts about them on there!



Hey, let’s

Get on a train,

Let’s travel away

From this place;


Won’t you

Take me back

With the wind on my face

To the mountains

I knew long ago?


Take me back to the hills,

I can’t promise

That I wont stay

There forever


In the arms of the land

Give me your hand

And we’ll be together

Under all kinds of weather

In the mountains I know

And I love.





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