Summer Is A Cruel Mistress: A Poem

Hey there!

Well I said many things about how I was going to blog consistently, but it turn out that having a full time job was just so much harder than I imagined. I’ve been there two and a half weeks, and I’m beginning to figure out a balance between that and life. It’s a rewarding job, just mentally tiring.

I’m not going to make any promises about regular blogging, but I am going to try. So follow me for semi-regular creative writing, and I’ll try to deliver.

For now, please enjoy this poem I wrote this evening. Leave a comment with your feedback, and let me know how to improve!


The summer sun sits heavy on my shoulders,

Her scorching rays thickening the air,

Making breathing heavy

Under her fierce glare; my skin

Burns from her touch,

Red blisters rise from her vicious hands,

And stay marked upon my face, peeling;

And yet

I love her company,

And stay outside.


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