‘My Stars are Upside Down’ – a Poem from a Better Time

Hi there! It’s been a while since I’ve been active on here, but what better time to bring back the blog than whilst in lock-down in a foreign country…

I am currently stuck in New Zealand for the foreseeable future – I was supposed to be here for a semester abroad and then, well… Everything went wrong. But I’m making the most of it be focusing on my writing.


(I think this picture encapsulates New Zealand pretty well!)

You may also notice that I have a new domain for my blog! I decided to splurge and upgrade from the free wordpress plan. I’m still working out exactly what that means for my blog (I am not tech savvy in any way, shape, or form) but hopefully my site will see some improvements.

And now for the poem! This is a poem I wrote when I first arrived here in New Zealand, when everything was still awesome, and I hope you enjoy it.


My stars are upside down,

looking out from foreign skies, familiar lights

misplaced, devised by a hand

with a different point of view.

Orion’s feet above his head, he cartwheels

across a horizon so distant from my own,

a different view of infinity.

And yet beneath my feet,

the same earth warmed

by the same sun, setting to reveal my stars;

rising to greet you.


I hope you enjoyed the poem, if you did please leave a like, it makes me smile if you do! Any feedback is always very much appreciated, so if you have any comments please don’t hesitate to leave them below. Thanks for reading, and wishing you all the best for this crazy world.

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