Not Crazy: A Sci-Fi Story

Hey there! This is a short story I wrote in response to this reddit prompt:

[WP] The government says getting more than one cybernetic can possibly drive you insane. You are now getting your tenth implant.

I hope you enjoy the story. If you do, please give it a like and leave a comment down below with any thoughts and feedback you might have.


This one’s for my eyes. They tell me, I’ll be able to see all the colours, all the colours we can’t see, y’know? They say we can’t imagine colours we haven’t seen, but I am going to see them, all of them. Then I’ll be able to imagine them as well.

They told me when I got the first one, that I shouldn’t get any more. They told me one is enough, or you might go crazy – funny huh? To think I could be crazy, loop-de-loop, round the bend, up the wrong tree, what the phrase? Cats get stuck up trees, up the wrong tree, with the cats? Something like that.

My first one was just a little one, just a little chip, little teeny tiny little chip, right behind my ear. It lets me talk to people, talk to people like they used to on the phones, in the old days, when they had to hold the phones in their hands – isn’t that funny? Had to hold the phones in their hands, big lumps of metal and now it’s all just in my ear. Funny, huh? All the people, I could talk to, I could talk to all the people, to anyone, only, no-one calls me on my ears, no one’s looking for my ears, see, they all have other people’s ears to talk to, but that’s ok, because soon I’ll be able to see all the colours, like a – what’s it called? Ill look it up, on my hand – there’s a screen in my hand, see, and I just have to think the right way about it, and it gives me information, like they used to do with the computers, back in the day, the big old computers, and now it’s just in my hand, isn’t it funny? I laugh about it sometimes. So what’s the thing that sees all the colours, it lives in the sea – the shrimp! Mantis shrimp, doesn’t it look funny? It’ll look better when I can see it in all the colours. My hand says, it’s telling me, you see, very clever, telling me that Mantis shrimp can perceive wavelengths of light ranging from deep ultraviolet (UVB) to far-red (300 to 720 nm) and polarized light. … Rows 1 to 4 of the midband are specialized for colour vision, from deep ultraviolet to far red. Their UV vision can detect five different frequency bands in the deep ultraviolet. I’ll be able to see that too, isn’t that funny? I’ll be able to see and you won’t, you won’t see nothing like I see.

I got the fish implant as well, the what’s it called, the bagel fish, I think it is, yeah, bagel fish, from that really old book, that one where they were in space, I want to go to space, I got all the tech so that they can take me to space, I’ll be able to better than all the other space men, because I’m better, I’ll – I’ll be able to see all the colours and speak all the languages, and look things up on my hand, and they won’t, they will all have only got the breathing one, well I’ll get the breathing one too, that next, after the eyes, so I can go to space. Everyday I send messages to NASA, with the messaging chip, and I tell them, that they should take me to space. I’m waiting for them to call me on my ears, they should call me soon. I want to go to space, and see all the colours, all the colours in space.

They said I’d go crazy, but you can see, can’t you? You can see I’m all right in the head – extra right, because I got all the little bits and pieces – all the things, all of them, they make me not crazy. I’m not crazy.

I’m not crazy.

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