A Kilo of Brownies Each, Just Because We Can: A Poem

Hi there! Me and my flatmate made brownies today, there’s only two of us, but the ingredients before baking came to roughly two kilograms, so that’s about a kilo of brownies each! Honestly one of the best decisions we’ve ever made in my opinion. Please enjoy today’s poem, and try not to let the lockdown get you down! Give it a like if you enjoyed it, and comment below with your lockdown baking adventures.


We bought chocolate at the grocery store

at a two meter distance, walked

down the sides of aisles with trolley shields,

basket barricades. We had eggs at home

that the exchange students left,

when they ran to the airport, no hugs.

We bought the last bag of flour on the shelf,

and we paid for it all through the glass.

And when we divided the brownies between us,

the two halves were the only

things still allowed to touch.


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