Standing Tall in a Time of Crisis: A Poem

Hi there! I’ve had a little gin tonight so I can’t speak for the quality of this particular piece of poetry (god bless spellcheck), but I refuse to not post tonight, so I hope you enjoy.

Remember: Stay at home, look after your friends and family, seek support if you need it, and stay strong.


There is a weight pressing down on us,
unseen, a pressure building,
unheard, a tremor rising,
unfelt. Our hearts beat faster, why?
Our hand hold tighter, why?
We plant our feet firmer, why?
Because this is not what we were promised;
this is not what we were told,
not what it said in the books we read
and the films we watched,
the stories we told ourselves over and over again.
This is not our happy ending.


So we remember the bits and the pieces
we remember the things we forgot,
we remember the times when it didn’t go right
for the characters, the books
and the plot. And we think to the things
that the heroes did,
the things that they said and they learnt,
and we hold in our hearts the things that we love
and the things that unite us all;

and we stand.

We are battered by winds of change,
winds of grief,
winds of pain; our backs bend in them,
our knees shake in them,
we tremble in the force of them

but we do not fall.

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