The World Outside My Window: A Poem

Hi there! It’s autumn in New Zealand and we had a lovely day today weather wise, too bad we couldn’t properly enjoy it. The conkers (horse chestnuts) are falling from the trees around my house, but the leaves aren’t turning quite yet.

It’s weird not knowing when I’ll be able to go back to the UK – currently there is no international travel from the South Island and no domestic flights at all so I’m stuck for a bit. I’m currently missing out on spring which is my favourite season, but autumn is cool too. Please enjoy my musings upon the weather in my poem below.


I can hear the birds outside,

sweet notes against the sky, sunlight

filtering through leaves

trying to decide whether

or not to fall. A chill is in the air;

I close my blankets up around me

and wonder how long it will be

until my next summer.


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