My Lonely Magnolia: A Poem

Hi there! I have finally made it back home to the UK. It’s taken some adjusting, and there was lots of organising and travelling and uni work to sort out, hence the absence from the blog the last couple of weeks. I’m now in self isolation, and have about another week left, so I wrote this poem about the view out from my window, and I hope you enjoy it.


The petals in the wind fall like snow
across a vision I’ve always known;
cherry blossoms outside my solitary
window, above the magnolia.

White as lace in a church in Spring,
they downy float like feathers winged
by songbirds under lonely skies,
chattering, above the magnolia.

It’s warm out there, the sun shines brightly,
but as though it were eternal night,
I cannot go out to see how soft
the light drapes across the magnolia.


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