I Saw No Snow: A Poem

Hi there! My uni work has been a little chaotic recently. I only had a week for Easter, which I basically lost to travel, and before that I was behind on my work due to, well, everything, and now I’m in the middle of all my post-Easter deadlines. I’m trying to make more regular time for the blog, but it may be a slow process to get back into the flow of it. Expect posts to be sporadic and random for a while.

Below I’ve written a poem about current events and how the world feels. You’ve probably read a lot of them, but I like my one so read that one too? I’ll try not to only post these types of poems, and to write on lots of themes, but this is what’s on my mind and therefore in my work at the moment.

If you enjoy the poem, please give it a like, and consider sharing it. If there’s anything you enjoy in particular, are confused by, think could be better, or have any feedback on at all, please leave a comment! I love feedback, good or bad, so don’t be scared to share your opinion. Also, if there’s anything you’d like to see me write about, feel free to let me know, I’m always looking for more inspiration.

I hope you enjoy.


I saw no snow this year,

but the days, they crumbled

and fell like ashes into drifts and banks,

piling up around me and melting just as quickly

away; a thousand twilights

merged into one, and passed me by.

The calendar froze and cracked,

revealing treacherous waters, dark as ink,

cold as death, threatening its lifeless chill

beneath uncertain feet.

I saw no snow, but everything

was blanketed; everything

looked, each non-day, the same;

but beneath it, everything had changed.

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