I’m Not Sleeping, Promise: A Poem

Hi there, please enjoy this poem inspired by me nearly falling asleep on our conservatory roof (it was lovely). If you like it, please leave a like or a comment, and subscribe for more poems.

~ Lucy

cute ginger cat relaxing sleepily in the sunshine
I felt a bit like this cat…

I was just resting my eyes, promise –

I wasn’t sleeping, promise –

I hadn’t fallen asleep on the warm concrete roof in the shade,

like a cat who likes warm spots, but also a cat

with Irish blood who doesn’t want to get sunburnt – promise,


I was listening to you, promise –

I heard what you said, promise –

could you just repeat that please, I promise –

I’m listening, I promise –


If I just close my eyes for a minute, promise –

I’ll pay attention, in five minutes, promise –

or so, come back in half an hour, and I promise,

I’ll be awake.


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