Hello Spaceman: A Poem

Hi, the night before last I watched the SpacexX launch which was really cool, and then yesterday watched a clip of Bob and Doug showing everyone around the capsule, and they had this cute sequined dinosaur with them, which turns out to be an Apatosaurus sent up with them by their children, which is adorable! Find out all about ‘Tremor’ on Space.com here.

Last night I also watched The Martian, which is a film I really love and highly recommend if you haven’t seen it. But what this all really means is that space has been on my mind a lot the past couple of days, which led me to write this poem about the SpaceX launch, which I hope you enjoy.

If you have any thoughts about the poem that you’d like to share, please leave a comment with your feedback, I would very much appreciate reading any comments that you might have. If you really like the poem, feel free to share it, and check out the rest of my blog for more.

art print of a spaceman austronaut with backdrop of clouds and moon in red and blue
Spaceman art found on Pixabay.com

Hello Spaceman,
from your sequined dinosaur ship,
what’s it like up there? Down there?
All around the air, with no air
to breathe outside your pinprick
ship? What’s it like in the dark
with no atmosphere but an atmosphere
of emptiness that permeates perturbed air
and leaves behind a million stares
at individual screens. You showed us your
new display screens and I thought they looked
breakable; I thought you looked breakable,
Spaceman with your children’s toy and
Godless flight – do you pray Spaceman?
Do you pray to exit the vast void encompassing
your tiny body, do you pray
to be less small, you who have attained
a height we all once –
we all could never dream of.
Hello Spaceman, up there in the emptiness,
do your Spaceman friends make you feel
any less Alone?



4 thoughts on “Hello Spaceman: A Poem

  1. this was so lovely!! particularly loved the phrase “pinprick spaceship”, there was something so cozy about the writing style and yet it was still evocative of the vastness of space
    Loved it!

    Liked by 1 person

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