A Poem for Dad’s Big Birthday

Hi there! My dad’s seventieth birthday was a couple of weeks ago, and yes I did in fact bake seventy cupcakes by accident. I did three different flavours, and doubled a recipe that made twelve. I may not be great at maths, but twelve by two should not equal forty-nine…

Here’s a little poem about the day that I hope you enjoy.

birthday cupcake with candle birthday cake with sprinkles
Our candles didn’t work quite as well as this…

I made seventy cupcakes
by accident; I still maintain
that the recipe lied
to me. We put on sixty candles,
and ten sparklers on the cherry cake –
seventy in all.
None of them would light
in the wind, and the chocolate orange
segments (Terry’s of course)
began to melt. All in all,
It was a perfect day.

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