Cold Feet: A Poem

Hi there! Please enjoy today’s poem. My feet are actually cold because the balcony door is open and I’m not wearing socks, but that’s far less poetic, don’t you think? It’s quite windy outside today, and I’m enjoying the breeze and the sound of the leaves rustling. I might go find some socks though…

I have exciting news today! I have created an Instagram account for my blog! If you use Instagram, head over and follow a_teacup_full_of_stories. I have some ideas in the works both for on here and on there, and might be introducing some Instagram-exclusive content, so head on over if you don’t want to miss out! It’s a little bare at the moment, being brand new, but I’m hoping to get some content up fairly quickly, and hopefully regularly.

Check out today’s poem!

old red church door cathedral doorway arch
Standing on a threshold… (Image by Felicity_Kate11 from Pixabay. )

I’m writing this and my feet are cold –
not in the metaphorical sense, I’m not
some blushing bride on her wedding day,
hesitating at the church door

and wondering if it’s really worth it to walk down
that destined aisle, or should she run,
far away and not look back and forget it all.

Or am I?
Do I not stand at a threshold and peek
through a door onto destiny, and wonder,
is this the path for me? Is this

where my feet shall tread
upon the world and leave their footprints
to look back upon – is this some clay

that I will shape and leave marked,
or is this some temperamental sand, so soon
to wash away my presence
and be forgotten?

My feet are cold; I do not know
which way to turn.


The inspiration for this poem came from my cold feet. I was sitting and wondering what to write about, and that was all I could think about. My brain went from there to the cold feet metaphor and weddings, and the poem sprang fairly organically from there.

The poems I publish on here are fairly raw, unedited versions, as I haven’t quite got the hang of pre-writing for my blog whilst still publishing daily, and writing daily. That’s something I want to work on, and then hopefully you’ll see more polished versions of my poems.

With this draft, I used a quick edit to examine the line and stanza breaks, and decided a more disjointed structure carried the theme and emotion of the poem better. I prefer poems that don’t always break on punctuation, as I feel that they flow better and carry more emotion by utilising the line break and white space, and not focusing on sentence structures.

If you have any feedback for me, please leave a comment down below, I would really love to hear any of your suggestions!

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