Running Between Idle Hands: A Poem

Hi there, please enjoy this poem I wrote for you tonight! The idea came from me realising that it was late and that I wanted to write something. Not having much immediate inspiration, I focused on that and came up with this. It’ not been edited so apologies if it’s a little rough. I hope you enjoy.

If you have any feedback, please leave a comment below – I would love to hear it!

hourglass time black-and-white

It’s late;
the idle hands of time tick ever on,
the sand falls in the hourglass,
dropping to unfeeling piles
on repeat.

Do you feel it? Feel
each second tumble from your grasp
as it falls away, running
to catch a hand always
a second ahead. You

are running out of time,
this infinite finite thing.
You are running
to a pre-determined end,
are you

fast enough?

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Leave a comment telling me if you liked the poem, and what you would improve!

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