Caterpillar: A Poem

Hi there, please enjoy today’s poem. I had fun playing around with the sounds in this poem – I prefer half rhymes and internal rhymes to full on rhyme schemes personally, and it helps my poems to flow. If you want to get the full effect, try saying it out loud as you read!

I hope you enjoy, and if you do, give it a like and consider following my blog for more!

caterpillar upside down on leaf, black and white striped with red dots, nature background
I think this caterpillar looks quite cute

Does a caterpillar, spinning

its webs and threads to hammock

itself from the branches of the trees,

underside of leaves, understand

the process of events about to unfold? How

it will unfold, re-mould, dissolve

away and be remade? Would it convey

a sense of the distress at this inevitable

self-digestion, would it confess a fear

of change and long to cling forever

rather than be self-made?

Does the caterpillar want to change?

Can it understand that only through its destruction

can it be remade?



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