Changes to updating

Hi everyone! If you follow my blog, you may have noticed that my posting schedule can be somewhat erratic. However, I have now decided to make some changes to how often I post.

I am starting to write for some free online publications and think about submitting my work for competitions/journals, most of which stipulate that work cannot have been published before, even online. Therefore, I need to stop posting everything I write on here.

This does not mean the blog is ending! What I am going to do is to try and write daily, but only post twice a week, and probably save the poems that I consider to be my very best (which I was mostly doing anyway, so there shouldn’t be a change of quality on here). Hopefully quality should actually improve, as I’ll have more time to consider and edit my work before posting.

I haven’t decided which days it will be just yet, but I’m thinking of potentially doing Mondays and Fridays.

My Instagram will be updated more regularly with older posts, as well as some Instagram exclusive content, so check out that as well!
All the best,



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