The Passing of the Dawn: A Poem

Hi there, and welcome to the first poem of my regular posting schedule! This is a poem I wrote about light in the morning, which I hope you enjoy. If you do, please give it a like and a share, and follow my blog for more! I update with poetry at 11am UK time on Tuesdays and Saturdays, and with short stories on Thursdays.

Dawn breaks over the mountains

The Passing of the Dawn

Dawn came, but the light
crept slower across the timid
hillsides, settling pale grey
and shyly blossoming into colour.
Sunrise faded unnoticed as the birds
began to sing in quiet voices
from scattered nests of woven
dreams. Eyes began to open
to another day, and the sunlight
gathered it courage against their groans.
The dawn had departed, long ago,
but the light remained.

What I particularly enjoy about this poem is the ending, and the separation of the dawn from the light itself, one as more temporary and fleeting that the other. Do you agree? Leave me a comment down below with your thoughts on this piece – positive or constructive, all discussion is welcome!

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~ Lucy x

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