My Happiness is Not Without Value: A Poem

Sometimes we can criticize the things that make people happy, simply because they are popular, and I don’t like that. This is a little poem I wrote about the subject, which I hope you enjoy.

Sunflowers are often considered cliche or overrated. I just think they’re pretty

My Happiness is Not Without Value

I like sunflowers - there, I said it,
I like these yellow flowers that seem 
so overrated, I like them

so much.
I like the way they reach and touch
the crowning of the day at dawn.
I love their tall, strong, slender
form, I like their brightness;

bright yellow happiness emanating
from golden crowns, and even if
they droop forlornly down
they are still open. They smile

at me with open faces that fear
no vulnerability. I like
sunflowers; they make me happy,
and that's ok.

What something that you love but gets criticized for being basic or overrated? Other than sunflowers, I also really enjoy fairy lights and scented candles and all plants in general. And that’s ok! Tell me in the comments what things you love.

If you enjoyed this poem, please let me know in the comments, and if you have any feedback or critique I would love to hear it! You can follow me for more poetry and short stories here on WordPress or on my Instagram.

~ Lucy x

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