Rooting Decay: A Poem

Hi there! Check out my latest poem below, about growth and cycles of life and death, inspired by my new fascination with plants and gardening.

At the moment I am doing some work in the front garden of my student house, planting some spring-flowering bulbs – daffodils, tulips, crocuses – and it has been so much fun! Not only has it gotten me outdoors in the fresh air, but it has also been invigorating exercise, and has also introduced me to my neighbours (and their gorgeous cat!). I lived on the same street last year and never met anybody, but gardening has made me a part of the community which is lovely. Now is the time to be planting your spring bulbs – they’re cheap, easy, and beautiful, so why not give it a go!

Rooting Decay

In GCSE biology, I learnt
about the Nitrogen cycle, I think it was,
how the soil is rife with decay
by which there grows new life. Roots
push deep into death and raise
green and swelling heads above
the earth. Rich are the bodies that
lie under the soil in another life. 
No chance, but by design we feast and grow
on death, and linger on in the roots
of something new, that we could never
know; helping to create when we
can no longer grow.

The nitrogen cycle is more complicated than this, and I am probably misremembering bits of it, but it did serve as good inspiration for this poem. Growing plants is incredibly satisfying and uplifting, and I think that no house is complete without houseplants (although I am quite quickly becoming a bit of a houseplant hoarder. There are 13 in my bedroom alone…)

I originally wrote this poem on my typewriter, then rewrote it onto here. I found this process of rewriting helped me to edit and rework this poem into a much better piece – it changed quite drastically in the process – but that writing on the typewriter really helps me to stop overthinking and just write, as it is much harder to keep going back and changing things.

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If you have any feedback, I would love to hear it! Negative or positive, leave me a comment down below with your thoughts.

~ Lucy x

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