Work-in-Progress Poetry Extract: ‘I Am the Author; You do not Know Me’

Hi there! These are the first and the last two stanzas of a poem I’ve been working on and would appreciate getting some feedback on if you could spare a minute? The premise of the poem is both bridging and creating the gap that exists between the author/poet and their work, or how the reader … More Work-in-Progress Poetry Extract: ‘I Am the Author; You do not Know Me’

Voyager: An Extract

Hi there! Please enjoy this latest short extract of mine. “It’s a long way,” he told me, as if I didn’t know. As if that wasn’t the point. “I know.” He looked at me, a slight frown creasing on the weather-beaten skin between his eyebrows. “Long time too. Seven weeks at sea.” He sucked on … More Voyager: An Extract

Memory: Part 1

Hi there! This is a little piece this afternoon. I might continue the story in another post some other time – let me know if you’re interested – or I’m happy to leave the unanswered questions up to your own imagination. Enjoy! It’s been a long time. A long time since I stood here on … More Memory: Part 1

Venus: An Extract

Hi there! Please enjoy this little extract I wrote about beauty.“Can you see it?” “See what?” “There – just above the horizon. That little point of light.” “What is it?” “Venus. The evening star.” “She’s beautiful.” “Of course she is.” “But it’s not just her.” “How do you mean?” “Look. See how the slightly faded … More Venus: An Extract

Time: An Extract

Hi there! This is a short piece that I wrote this afternoon that I hope you enjoy! “It’s a long story.” “I have time.” But do you? Do you have time to spare? Can’t you feel it slipping like blood through your fingers, desperately trying to stem the tide of seconds, hold on to moments … More Time: An Extract

Writer: An Extract

Hi there! This is a little something I wrote this afternoon. I’m also really happy at the moment, because one of my best friends bought me a typewriter as an early birthday present today, and I can’t wait to write on it! Anyway, I hope you this little extract 🙂 It was a grey day. … More Writer: An Extract

I want to write…

I want to write of a city of ships where the streets are half-rotted planks suspended above the deep blue abyss, where ropes form this place’s trees and no-one knows how to swim because the depth of the sea seeps into your bones, a dull aching moan that pulls you under before you can think … More I want to write…