Travellers Rest: All Creatures Welcome (An Extract)

Hi there! Please enjoy this little short story. The sign outside calls it the ‘Travellers Rest’, and it is unusual, to say the least. It is well-known that taverns and inns are passing points, gateways, places where the boundaries are blurred, thin. Most, however, have strict policies on other-worldlies, or ‘monsters’, ‘demons’, as they are … More Travellers Rest: All Creatures Welcome (An Extract)

Shadows: An Extract

I’m re-uploading this post after taking it down whilst it was in a portfolio for an application to uni – results are in and I got an offer!! Hi there! Please enjoy this latest little piece of creative writing. It’s just a 10 minute writing practice that I did whilst forgetting that I hadn’t taken … More Shadows: An Extract

D&D Bar Scene

This is a scene I wrote in response to a prompt I saw online. Unfortunately I can’t seem to find the original post, it was something along the lines of “write a D&D bar scene where the classes are described like the lunch tables in a high school teen movie”. I hope you enjoy! Walking … More D&D Bar Scene