Changes to updating

Hi everyone! If you follow my blog, you may have noticed that my posting schedule can be somewhat erratic. However, I have now decided to make some changes to how often I post. I am starting to write for some free online publications and think about submitting my work for competitions/journals, most of which stipulate … More Changes to updating


Hi there. Today I had some news about someone I used to go to school with, and am writing this as a way of processing. It’s confusing; The way that things continue. You’d think That, on hearing the news, the world would have to stop, Re-calibrate, change its course, shudder with Something. A spark Has … More Poem


Hi there, you may have noticed that I’ve taken a few posts down. This is because I am using the material in a portfolio in an application for university and don’t want to get caught out by plagiarism scanners that don’t realise it’s my own work! I’m going to put them back up once I’ve … More Portfolio