Dawn: A Poem

Hi there! I’ve just spent an amazing 4 days on a camping trip in the Cairngorms in Scotland, hence the lack of posts recently, but I’m back now, and tomorrow I’m off on the exciting (and mildly terrifying) adventure of starting university, so it’s all busy at the mo! I did get a chance to … More Dawn: A Poem

Window Box: A Poem

A window box, hanging, Forlornly from the city spires, Overlooking siren screams And gazing down At lovers walking blithely through the rain, Viewing just The tops of their umbrella, Wet hem of her skirt brushes the pavement edge; Gone together; And the box is full of stars, Never seen By all these people With all … More Window Box: A Poem

2am: A Poem

Its 2am, and the city lights Shine all the brighter for the darkness, Backdrop of life moving, Constant flow of sirens, lights, cars; Lifeblood of the city somewhere down far Below, and skyscrapers Mingling with the stars. And it is still, and I, We, are in the pause between Two heartbeats with our fingers intertwined. … More 2am: A Poem

Cityscape: A Poem

Hi there! Please enjoy this little poem that I wrote this evening about the view over London. Sirens fade into the darkness of the night, Whistling scream that dims into the whisper of an echo, Replaced by motors rumbling, horns; a screech of brakes Breaks the illusion of silence Created by the ever-present flow. Voices … More Cityscape: A Poem