Seaside: A Poem

Walk across the tip-toe sand, grains of embers Burning in the sun, hold your flyaway hat upon your head, Skirts in hand, flying in the fleeting winds along with the clouds, Down to the water’s edge, let your aching feet rest in the cooler waves, Salt-licked wounds, and breathe. The wind is lukewarm in your … More Seaside: A Poem

Flowers: A Poem

All flowers eventually decay; They sweetly wilt, drop their dulling petals to the earth, Browning with the light, crisp-edged remains Of colours bright, until to dust they fade.

Shade: A Poem

Hi there! Please enjoy this poem that I wrote this evening. If you liked it, then why not share it via one of the buttons below, and whatever your thoughts, leave them in a comment if you have a minute! Thank you! What are we now, but The shadow of our dreams, the echo Of … More Shade: A Poem

Bliss: A Poem

Hi there! I hope you enjoy this evening’s post, loosely inspired by Ursula Le Guin’s story ‘Paradises Lost,’ which I’m currently reading and enjoying immensely. I advise you all to read it! I’ve not read much Sci-Fi before, and I think it’s a genre that I should definitely explore… Also, did you know that I’m … More Bliss: A Poem