Dancing: A Poem

Hi there! I was watching a silly film about dancing with my parents this evening, which inspired this little poem that I hope you enjoy. I have always wanted To learn to dance; I always thought That if I practiced, eventually It would feel like flying, The floor disappearing beneath Feet that know exactly where … More Dancing: A Poem

Star-Chime: A Poem

Hi there! Very tired this evening due to having 2 exams today, but I hope you enjoy this product of my weary brain. There are silver bells Hung in the sky That chime softy Through the night And protect your dreams ‘Til morning light.

Dream Cloud: A Poem

Hi there! It’s quite late, so just a short poem this evening so that I can get off to sleep! I hope you enjoy. I will float away on a storm-cloud, warmed by little spurts of lightning, casting shadows over my eyes to keep me sleeping through the night.

Dreaming: A Poem

Hi there! Please enjoy this little poem that I wrote this evening, about a dream and some roses. I had a dream this afternoon, That out of the sunlight came a figure bearing roses, Who swept me away on a tea scented dream in the shortest hour That stretched out forever, Held close, With an … More Dreaming: A Poem

Fly Away: A Poem

Hi there! I’m very tired this evening, so just a short poem today, which I hope you enjoy.   Fly away On the wings of a dream, Filled with wonder and eternity; And don’t look back Until you find me.

Surreal Is Real: A Poem

Hi there! Please enjoy this short poem I wrote this evening about how real life can still surpass surrealism sometimes. Viewing the crystallization of your dreams Into something more tangible than The telescopic image of your heart is The Dali moment of reality; Except, melting clocks seem Somehow more plausible than What’s real.