Lycanthrope: A Poem

Hi there! I hope you enjoy this supernaturally-themed poem that I wrote this evening. If you did, give it a like, and follow my blog for more writing! I mainly write poetry and I try to publish something everyday, although I don’t always manage. Please if you have a moment, consider giving me a comment … More Lycanthrope: A Poem

The Musician: A Tale

Hi there! Please enjoy this short story – I was going for a  more traditional version of fairy tales in which ‘Fairies’ are ancient, dark, and creepy, rather than their more modern interpretation as cute flowery things at the end of the garden. I hope you enjoy! They say the Fae live in these woods. … More The Musician: A Tale

I want to write…

I want to write of a city of ships where the streets are half-rotted planks suspended above the deep blue abyss, where ropes form this place’s trees and no-one knows how to swim because the depth of the sea seeps into your bones, a dull aching moan that pulls you under before you can think … More I want to write…

Travellers Rest: All Creatures Welcome (An Extract)

Hi there! Please enjoy this little short story. The sign outside calls it the ‘Travellers Rest’, and it is unusual, to say the least. It is well-known that taverns and inns are passing points, gateways, places where the boundaries are blurred, thin. Most, however, have strict policies on other-worldlies, or ‘monsters’, ‘demons’, as they are … More Travellers Rest: All Creatures Welcome (An Extract)

Alternate Fairytale – The Princess in the Tower

Hi there! This a short story about a rebellious fairy-tale princess who succeeds in outwitting her sexist family. Enjoy! Once upon a time, in a faraway land where the grass sings lullabies and the foxes fly, where the streams lie purple under the moon, when dragons roam in the wilderness, there lived a princess. She … More Alternate Fairytale – The Princess in the Tower

D&D Bar Scene

This is a scene I wrote in response to a prompt I saw online. Unfortunately I can’t seem to find the original post, it was something along the lines of “write a D&D bar scene where the classes are described like the lunch tables in a high school teen movie”. I hope you enjoy! Walking … More D&D Bar Scene