Shade: A Poem

Hi there! Please enjoy this poem that I wrote this evening. If you liked it, then why not share it via one of the buttons below, and whatever your thoughts, leave them in a comment if you have a minute! Thank you! What are we now, but The shadow of our dreams, the echo Of … More Shade: A Poem

Bliss: A Poem

Hi there! I hope you enjoy this evening’s post, loosely inspired by Ursula Le Guin’s story ‘Paradises Lost,’ which I’m currently reading and enjoying immensely. I advise you all to read it! I’ve not read much Sci-Fi before, and I think it’s a genre that I should definitely explore… Also, did you know that I’m … More Bliss: A Poem

Disappear: A Poem

Hi there! I hope you enjoy this poem that I wrote this evening. Please comment with any feedback you might have, as I’m always looking to improve my writing. Thanks! What would you miss Of me, were I To disappear, to fade away Into the sea, the sky, would the lack Of me cast shadows … More Disappear: A Poem

String: A Poem

Hi there! Please enjoy this evening’s little poem, about distance. Fate has tied me with string, Stretching miles away, past Train tracks where the nature sprites dance over Red-worn brick work, Where the Buddleias bloom in the gravel; This line Travels past my horizon, through green fields, over fences, To where the buildings touch the … More String: A Poem


Hi there! This is a little haiku I wrote in the school library this morning. I don’t write haiku, or any form of structured poem, very often at all, but this one just kind of happened like this! I hope you enjoy This light that plays o’er The keyboard of our lives; Fate’s     … More Haiku