Three Crocuses: A Poem

Three crocuses slowly wither in the noonday sun, Their brightest colours bleached and paled, their petals Dry and dusty, browned leaves crinkle in the heat. Two strangers are passing by; Their eyes drift to this decaying scene, and one Says to the other, look At the flowers – aren’t they Beautiful?

Flowers: A Poem

All flowers eventually decay; They sweetly wilt, drop their dulling petals to the earth, Browning with the light, crisp-edged remains Of colours bright, until to dust they fade.

Bulb: A Poem

A soft bulb lies, buried beneath he earth, in the warm darkness; Indifferent and plain, she rests herself upon the moist and heaving earth In quiet contemplation; until at last, As the last frost melts its icy cool into the ground, she lifts her shaded slender head, Shrugs the soil from her budding shoulders and … More Bulb: A Poem

Lavender: A Poem

Hi there! Sorry for not posting in a while, been busy getting the hang of university and all that. Here’s a short poem I wrote this evening that I hope you enjoy, and please feel free to leave any comments or feedback down below. Thanks! I walk in the scent of lavender After the rain, … More Lavender: A Poem