The False Philosophy Of Strobe Lights: A Poem

Hi there! Hope you enjoy this evening’s poem despite the pretentious title… Please leave any feedback you might have in the comments below, thanks! Corkscrew spirals, Splintering out from this Swirling mass, swaying, Blinding, Frantically flashing, fizzing In a vortex climbing ever outwards Drawing your gaze inwards to What? Eternity? Enlightenment? The end of all … More The False Philosophy Of Strobe Lights: A Poem

2am: A Poem

Its 2am, and the city lights Shine all the brighter for the darkness, Backdrop of life moving, Constant flow of sirens, lights, cars; Lifeblood of the city somewhere down far Below, and skyscrapers Mingling with the stars. And it is still, and I, We, are in the pause between Two heartbeats with our fingers intertwined. … More 2am: A Poem