Listen: A Poem

There is a silence in this space, that permeates No further than these four surrounding walls, Cool glass of frosted window pane blocks out The noises of the street outside, and I am thus Alone; I can still hear the drifting voices, beyond these walls, What merriment is thus conveyed in soft reverberations of my … More Listen: A Poem

Distance: A Poem

Hi there! Sometimes it’s sad when you don’t get to see people for a while, but then again it’s useful when you can exploit it for poetry! (I’m joking) I hope you enjoy this little piece. I know That you’re a long way away, that I’m not going to see you today, or Tomorrow, or … More Distance: A Poem

Antique: A Poem

Hi there! This is a short poem I wrote this morning, inspired by this image, whilst trying to forget the fact that I actually have to do schoolwork and stuff…I am dusty and forgotten Like an antique piano, never played, Purposeless and barely ornamental, covered In cotton dust sheets in the corner of a long … More Antique: A Poem