Tapestry: A Poem

All these faces, ghostly smiles, Disappearing in a haze of irregular laughs, As I fade into the background tapestry Of other people’s lives; The daylight shines onto the abandoned threads; I fade away.

Loneliness: A Poem

My heart beats With the intensity of a maelstrom, Pounding away at this empty ache, Demanding to be filled, demanding To be held Demanding A presence left absent like A pebble on the seashore, small, Insignificant, cold; it aches like a hurricane Ripping apart a tumult inside, Tearing out my heart and tossing it To … More Loneliness: A Poem

Distance: A Poem

Hi there! Sometimes it’s sad when you don’t get to see people for a while, but then again it’s useful when you can exploit it for poetry! (I’m joking) I hope you enjoy this little piece. I know That you’re a long way away, that I’m not going to see you today, or Tomorrow, or … More Distance: A Poem