Thinking: A Poem

Hi there! Please enjoy this evening’s poem. There’s this humming in my ear That makes me smile as I Try to pick out words mumbled Somewhere in or out of tune, Under a thinking breath, and eyes Aligned somewhere miles away, Seeing something distant And not quite there, Brain searching, tune Unintelligible; But no one … More Thinking: A Poem

The Musician: A Tale

Hi there! Please enjoy this short story – I was going for a  more traditional version of fairy tales in which ‘Fairies’ are ancient, dark, and creepy, rather than their more modern interpretation as cute flowery things at the end of the garden. I hope you enjoy! They say the Fae live in these woods. … More The Musician: A Tale

Antique: A Poem

Hi there! This is a short poem I wrote this morning, inspired by this image, whilst trying to forget the fact that I actually have to do schoolwork and stuff…I am dusty and forgotten Like an antique piano, never played, Purposeless and barely ornamental, covered In cotton dust sheets in the corner of a long … More Antique: A Poem