Night Air: A Poem

A chill breeze finds its way through the open window, Tentatively swirling around the room Until it brushes against my dry hands, finds The cracks slowly forming in my skin, rustles Between my fingers and the keys, slides Across the back of my neck, sending shivers Down the hairs along my spine. I could close … More Night Air: A Poem

Dusk: A Poem

Night touches the sky, Runs its trailing fingers along the edges of the clouds, In the gaps between the stars; the half-ripe moon Brings forth her soft glow, curling mist Around her toes and brushing her lamp-light against The trailing trees; A silence slowly falls upon the earth, In the gap between the evening and … More Dusk: A Poem

Moonlight: A Poem

Hi there! I was stuck for ideas for ages this evening but eventually I came up with this, which I hope you enjoy. Moonlight sits quietly in the night, Casting light on pieces of star-dust in the air That drift like down, gently through the shadows; The luminescence pools In silence on still waters, Unbroken … More Moonlight: A Poem

2am: A Poem

Its 2am, and the city lights Shine all the brighter for the darkness, Backdrop of life moving, Constant flow of sirens, lights, cars; Lifeblood of the city somewhere down far Below, and skyscrapers Mingling with the stars. And it is still, and I, We, are in the pause between Two heartbeats with our fingers intertwined. … More 2am: A Poem

Cityscape: A Poem

Hi there! Please enjoy this little poem that I wrote this evening about the view over London. Sirens fade into the darkness of the night, Whistling scream that dims into the whisper of an echo, Replaced by motors rumbling, horns; a screech of brakes Breaks the illusion of silence Created by the ever-present flow. Voices … More Cityscape: A Poem

Lost: A Poem

Hi there! Please enjoy this short little poem that I wrote this evening. I am forsaken In my hour of need, watching The clock tick on, and The stars whirl, but never finding Any sleep.  

Star-Chime: A Poem

Hi there! Very tired this evening due to having 2 exams today, but I hope you enjoy this product of my weary brain. There are silver bells Hung in the sky That chime softy Through the night And protect your dreams ‘Til morning light.