Who, More: A Poem

What am I, more, Than a pile of dust cursed with human form, Spectre of a soul lying heavy in the air, beneath a commandment That I must will to live; What is this place, more, Than a garden wrought in ruin from a promise spoken from cursed lips, Devil’s kiss lies heavy on my … More Who, More: A Poem

Sandcastle: A Poem

Hi there! I hope you enjoy this poem that I wrote this evening, and please leave any feedback you might have in the comments. Thanks! If the foundations Of my sandcastle are brittle and crumbling, And all the grains start crying In rivers trickling from the turrets, an Upheaval like an earthquake from beneath As … More Sandcastle: A Poem

Rewritten: A Poem

Hi there! I hope you enjoy this poem that I wrote this evening. I heard every word That dropped from your mouth like a snake, Hissing, and dripping in venom before Dissipating in the cool, crisp, morning air; I felt every phrase that left Its subtle mark, not upon my skin, But somewhere within, upon … More Rewritten: A Poem

Poison: A Poem

Hi there! This is a poem I’ve had brewing for a little while and finally decided to write this evening, which I hope you enjoy. There were briars tangled under her skin, Hidden, Just below the surface so her thorns pricked But no one could see that it was her That left the scratches on … More Poison: A Poem