Waking Up: A Poem

Hi there! Please enjoy this poem that I wrote recent about waking up to greet a new day. Waking Up The morning lies cold against my achings, wisps of light that thread their way past my curtains and onto my drowsing lids are not unwelcome; I breathe their crispness with a sigh that welcomes daylight … More Waking Up: A Poem

Of the Unreasonable Expectations Placed on Doves: A Poem

Hi there! Please enjoy my latest poem. This one started with clouds and then moved onto doves and is absolutely nothing like I thought it would be originally. I hope you like it! Of the Unreasonable Expectations Placed on Doves I lay back in the water and watch the clouds pass overhead like doves, if … More Of the Unreasonable Expectations Placed on Doves: A Poem

Tradescantia: A Poem

A tradescantia is pictured below – a green and purple plant in most cases with lovely patterns on its leaves, and that can be beautifully distracting when the light hits it right. Or when you’re supposed to be writing poetry. Tradescantia The purple green leaves of the plant on the windowsill catch my attention more … More Tradescantia: A Poem

Bittersweet: A Poem

Hi there! Please enjoy my latest poem. I haven’t quite figured out my posting schedule yet as I’m currently sorting out some other things, but as I said before I’m aiming for poems twice a week. I think I’ll also aim for a short story every Sunday in line with my Instagram.  Bittersweet Mood-dark blend, … More Bittersweet: A Poem

Changes to updating

Hi everyone! If you follow my blog, you may have noticed that my posting schedule can be somewhat erratic. However, I have now decided to make some changes to how often I post. I am starting to write for some free online publications and think about submitting my work for competitions/journals, most of which stipulate … More Changes to updating